Mr. Gossels has represented hundreds of individuals, trustees, corporations and municipalities, who have financed, purchased, subdivided, developed, leased, sold or otherwise dealt in real estate.

Mr. Gossels has tried numerous cases involving real estate in the courts of the Commonwealth, including the Land Court. He has also represented many owners of real estate who cleared their title, registered their land, gained the benefits of a homestead exemption and obtained a variance or special permit as a result of Mr. Gossels' professional assistance.

Mr. Gossels has represented and assisted many people who have purchased their first house or condominium, their second home or even their fourth home and he has represented many people who have sold their home or property. He has even helped clients to effect a tax free "exchange" involving their home or commercial properties.

Based on his experience, his skill as a conveyancer and his integrity, Mr. Gossels was appointed an Examiner of Titles by the Land Court in 1977.

In his capacity as town counsel, Mr. Gossels advised the planning boards, boards of appeal, conservation commissions and selectmen of the towns of Boxborough and Wayland for many years.

Since that time, Mr. Gossels has represented prospective purchasers and current owners of real estate before planning boards, boards of zoning appeal, conservation commissions, historical commissions, boards of selectmen, city councils, boards of assessors and the Appellate Tax Board.

Mr. Gossels provides his clients with the following services on a regular basis:

  1. Assistance in negotiating, drafting and the consummation of:

    1. Purchase and sale agreements for condominia, houses, land and commercial real estate;

    2. Condominium documents; Mr. Gossels was a member of the committee that drafted G.L. c. 183A, the law that brought condominiums to Massachusetts.

    3. Deeds, leases, easements and restrictions for homes and businesses;

    4. Partnerships; trusts and corporations to hold title to real estate; and

    5. Construction agreements of all kinds.

  2. Advice and assistance in obtaining mortgage and other financing.

  3. Advice concerning the business and tax environment that will affect each such real estate transaction.

  4. Advice and assistance in solving applicable zoning, environmental and other regulatory restrictions that may affect each such real estate transaction.

  5. Advice concerning thetitle to each parcel of real estate and assistance in clearing the title thereto in the Land Court or otherwise.

  6. Assistance in seeking abatements from real estate taxes.

Mr. Gossels is the author of an article on the Assessment of Perpetual Rights and Easements which was published in the Newsletter of the Association of Massachusetts Assessors.


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