Mr. Gossels served as town counsel to the Town of Wayland for fourteen years and the Town of Boxborough for nine years. He has also served as Moderator of the Town of Wayland since he was first elected to that position in 1982.

As a result, Mr. Gossels is thoroughly familiar with the laws and regulations governing the cities and towns, and especially the laws governing the use and development of real estate including zoning, planning and conservation restrictions. Based on his expertise in municipal law, Mr. Gossels has been retained often to appear before planning boards, boards of zoning appeals, boards of health, historical commissions, selectmen and city councils on behalf of clients whose property is located in cities and towns that he does not represent.

While serving as town counsel, Mr. Gossels had a number of opportunities to make successful presentations to the Supreme Judicial Court and the Massachusetts Appeals Court. You may want to check out the following examples:

  1. Boston Edison Co. v. Sudbury, 356 Mass. 406 (1969).

  2. Jones v. Wayland, 374 Mass. 249 (1978) and 380 Mass. 110 (1980).

Mr. Gossels served as a director of the Town Counsels and City Solicitors Association for a number of years.




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