Mr. Gossels has drafted prenuptial agreements and served as a justice of the peace to solemnize a marriage.

Mr. Gossels represents both wives and husbands as a litigator in divorce proceedings in the Probate and Family Courts of Barnstable, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Suffolk counties, but he never represents both the husband and wife. He also serves as a member of the Section on Family Law of the Boston Bar Association.

Mr. Gossels' expertise in family law was recognized when he appeared as an expert on prenuptial agreements on Boston Channel 4's Live on Four on October 12, 1988 and reflected in his articles entitled "Is the SJC Ready to Authorize the Bifurcation of Divorce Proceedings?", which appeared in the October 4, 2010 issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, and "Have the Courts Overlooked the Problems of the Predator Spouse", which appeared in the February 5, 2007 issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. Both articles may be accessed in the Recent Publications section of this website.

Mr. Gossels offers more than forty years of experience to assist his clients who are interested in obtaining a divorce, custody of their children and the maximum share of the marital estate. He also represents clients whose circumstances have changed since they obtained their divorce.

Mr. Gossels' experience and skills have protected many of his clients who needed abuse protection orders under G. L. c. 209A or otherwise.

Although he has successfully litigated many divorce cases to a conclusion, Mr. Gossels prefers to achieve the objectives of his clients by negotiation wherever possible to save them the expense of trying such a case and to reduce the stress and emotional harm that families suffer from bitter protracted divorce proceedings.

Therefore, Mr. Gossels will do all he can, whenever possible, to draft and suggest fair-minded separation agreements acceptable to his client and to the other side that will protect the interests of his client and his or her children until they shall have been emancipated.

Mr. Gossels also represents those who seek to have a guardian or conservator appointed to care for a loved one and his or her assets in the Probate Court as well as wards who may have been deprived of their liberty and property by unscrupulous relatives.


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