A significant portion of Mr. Gossels' practice consists of helping his clients to plan their estate so that their property will be distributed according to their wishes at the least cost in estate taxes, legal and other expenses that often become unbearable when wills and trusts are poorly drafted.

With help from the tax specialists of his law firm, Weston Patrick, Mr. Gossels is able to help his clients select an estate plan that will keep the estate, gift and income taxes payable by their executor to a minimum.

Mr. Gossels helps his clients by drafting the following instruments:

  1. Wills and codicils;

  2. Trusts of all kinds, including

    1. Revocable trusts;

    2. Living trusts;

    3. Marital Deduction trusts;

    4. Irrevocable trusts;

    5. Insurance or "Crummy" trusts;

    6. Charitable remainder unitrusts; and

    7. Nominee trusts.

  3. Durable powers of attorney; and

  4. Health care proxies.

and many more.

But estate planning involves much more than drafting instruments that will reduce the risk of expensive litigation and the taxes on your estate. It requires a careful discussion and evaluation of the dynamics and needs of your family, which may, after all, be more important than saving the last dollar in taxes.

That is why Mr. Gossels will usually spend at least an hour and a half with each client before he begins to draft any instrument for his or her consideration.





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