Mr. Gossels has represented numerous employers as well as employees who have been wrongfully treated or discharged by their employer.

When their civil rights have been violated, Mr. Gossels has helped his clients to file and prosecute their complaints with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, which has primary jurisdiction over all such claims.

In other cases, Mr. Gossels has prosecuted the claims of his clients in the courts and/or negotiated a settlement with the employer satisfactory to the client through mediation or otherwise.

Many of the cases that Mr. Gossels has handled have involved founders, officers and minority shareholders of corporations, who were frozen out by their colleagues when it appeared that a beneficial sale or merger of the corporation was imminent.

Mr. Gossels has drafted employment, non-competition and termination agreements for employers and represented them in disputes with their employees. He also reviews such draft agreements and advises employees concerning the rights offered to them by their employers.



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