Mr. Gossels helps those who wish to organize, finance, grow or dissolve a business. He provides legal advice concerning the various legal entities that are available and helps his clients to select the best legal structure for their business, which will protect each of the founders, principals and officers of the organization from personal liability, conflict with each other and the scourge of unnecessary taxation.

Mr. Gossels will then carry out the wishes of his clients by helping them to organize a "C" corporation, a "S" corporation, a limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, proprietorship or trust in the state or country that is most useful to them. He will also help them develop plans or structures for the issuance of stock, management structures, plans to compensate officers and employees, as well as the rights and obligations of employees.

Mr. Gossels helps his business clients by providing them with drafts of the following instruments, among many others:

  1. Articles of Organization;

  2. Shareholder agreements;

  3. Corporate By-Laws;

  4. Subchapter S elections;

  5. Minute books;

  6. Subscription Agreements;

  7. Shareholder records;

  8. Agreements that may be used to purchase or sell a business or professional practice;

  9. Employment agreements;

  10. Non-competition agreements;

  11. Confidentiality agreements;

  12. Employee benefit plans;

  13. Standard and complex contracts of all kinds; and

  14. Financing documents of all kinds.

In addition, Mr. Gossels assists his clients by offering finance and tax advice as their business develops and grows as well as his services as a litigator when the need arises.

Mr. Gossels published an article, "Know the Law Before Starting a Small Business" in the July 2, 2001 edition of Banker & Tradesman and another article, Delaware: The Black Hole of Corporate Reform in the April 2003 premier edition of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly's New England In-House.




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