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As you explore our site, you will find that I have been practicing law for more than fifty years since my graduation from Harvard Law School. After serving in the United States Army during the Korean War, I returned to Boston, was trained as a trial lawyer during my nine years at Sullivan & Worcester and taught International Business Law at Boston University.

I have enjoyed the general practice of law, especially since I became a member of the law firm of Weston Patrick in the early 70s. Although I spent many years representing cities and towns and their school committees, most of my clients today are people, like you and me, who may have a personal injury claim; who are interested in buying or selling a home; who wish to register or subdivide real estate; who are starting, financing or growing a business; people who are considering the organization of a corporation, partnership or the creation of a trust; who need a will or a more elaborate estate plan; who must probate a will or administer an estate; or those whose interest in an estate is being dissipated by unscrupulous fiduciaries; people who are about to take a new job or those in danger of losing their job; people who are being squeezed out of a business that they helped to create or whose marriage has deteriorated; people whose children have special needs that are not being met; people whose insurance carrier is not making the payments required by the policy; and those with a variety of other problems.

If I have learned anything over the years, it is that every matter is different and that every client offers me a precious gift: a chance to help you personally to solve your problems and to take advantage of your opportunities.

As a member of a smaller law firm, I know that the cost of legal services has become almost unbearable to the general public. Therefore, although we provide the best personal service that money can buy, our fees are generally lower than the competition. I am able to do this, because I do not accept matters on a contingency basis, unless they are substantial personal injury or property damage claims.

When you have had a chance to explore our web site, I invite you to call (617) 742-9310 and tell us how we can help you, or e-mail a brief description of your situation to us at . If we think we can help you, we will schedule an appointment for you so that we may meet personally, discuss the prospects of your matter and our fees. There is no charge for the first half hour of this process.

Thank you for reading all this and enjoy your visit to the rest of our site.

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